Why HOCl, Why Not Alcohol?

Natural Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl) which is produced by human body of Leucocyte served as natural antibody to fight against all kind of pathogens enter to the body. HOCl is a long time and widely known in medical world as effective killing agent for pathogens which could caused human prevalent sickness such as SMEARS, CORONA . During world war I , HOCL was used as active ingredient of desinfectant to sterilize all medical equipment and hospital all over military camp.

Hydrocyn water (HOCl) is a wide spectrum agent compared to other active ingredients which can kill not only one type of pathogen but broad range of bacteria, germs and viruses and effectiveness up to 99,99 % level. HOCl is fast effective and eight times more effective than Alcohol based.

HOCl is widely used in many countries such USA, Europe Countries, Asia, and Indonesia. HOCl is known as environmental friendly and human safe material. The usage also for mouthwash active ingredients which is usually good for mouth ulcer or sprue and sore throat prevention . No wonder people called it as THE MIRACLE of HYDROCYN WATER.

All alcohol based products are potentially flammable and all health-care organisations currently using alcohol-based handrub should undertake local risk assessments (as stated by World Health Organization) .  Here is an example of case where a bottle of 80% alcohol sanitizer catching fire, charring the inside of a car and blackening the windshield. HOCl on the other hand doesn’t have such characteristic (while still being an effective killing agent for pathogens) and therefore is a safer alternative compared to alcohol.

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Hand Sanitizer

Contains active ingredients Hypochlorous acid (HOCl), NO ALCOHOL and safe to protect yourself from wide range of pathogens.


Specially formulated for sanitation in medical institution, factories, government offices and also households.


Suitable for sterilizing surface of wound , household utensil , decorative, and food materials.